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Meet a couple of our clients - companies that are reshaping their industries and leading the way for a better future. We are always on the lookout for exciting collaborations with mission-driven companies and would love to get in touch if you have ideas or projects that you would like to discuss. 



The fashion industry needs to fundamentally change to mitigate the environmental impact of fast fashion. The lifetime of a garment today is unnecessarily short and the fast fashion norm is to buy a piece, wash it way too often, and throw it out way too early.


Steamery wants to change that behavior.

By creating smart, minimalistic, and modern clothing care products they want to inspire and educate people to take better care of their clothes in order to make them last longer.


Many marine species are under the threat of extinction today due to overfishing and the destruction of marine habitats.

In the quest for natural food and health products, Simris offer omega-3 alternatives that are entirely plant-based (made from microalgae) and free from environmental toxins. In this way, their products are both safer for people and better for the ocean and all its wildlife.



Eton Shirts is a leading Swedish men's shirt specialist that has produced high-quality and long-lasting shirts for nearly a century. 

Driven by innovation and technology the company has become known globally for its creative designs, high-quality shirts, and performance fabrics. They continuously explore new materials with less environmental impact to incorporate into their collections.


Eton has set clear sustainability goals for the future, in line with the Paris Agreement. 


Demadly offers a new category of sophisticated swimwear, made to last ten times longer than conventional swimwear. 


Their materials are OEKO-TEX® certified materials which means they are free of harmful chemicals (such as pesticides, heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic amines, alleging colorants). This makes the products safe for the environment and to wear next to the skin. 



Worldwide, pollen and air pollution are problems that impact people’s lives and health every day. 

Nosa is a world-leading supplier of nasal filters against bad odor and harmful airborne particles including pollen, smog, and bacteria.


Their odor protection is the first discreet odor protection in the world with a unique patented product that is used by medical carers, police, and other businesses in Europe, North America, and Asia.

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